World Travel Awards announces Middle East 2020 winners

2020/11/20 15:07

Today's Vocabulary

1. heralded (v) 
to be a sign that something important, and often good, is starting to happen, or to make something publicly known, especially by celebrating or praising it

2. fend off (phr.v )
to push or send away an attacker or other unwanted person

3. resilience (n)
the ability to be happy, successful, etc. again after something difficult or bad has happened

4. unveiled (v)
to show or introduce something new or make it known publicly for the first time


5. acknowledged (adj)
known or accepted by many people

6. opulence (n)
the quality of being expensive and luxurious

7. merited (n)
the quality of being good and deserving to be praised or rewarded, or an advantage that something has

World Travel Awards announces Middle East 2020 winners

The global initiative to recognize and reward excellence in travel and tourism – has unveiled its Middle East 2020 winners to coincide with its inaugural Middle East Winners Day.

Winners include Dubai, which fended off stiff competition to emerge as ‘Middle East’s Leading Destination’, whilst Oman was acknowledged with awards for both ‘Middle East’s Leading Cultural Destination’ and ‘Middle East’s Leading Honeymoon Destination’. 

In the hospitality sector, the contemporary beachside retreat Jumeirah Al Naseem was voted ‘Middle East’s Leading Hotel’, whilst Atlantis, The Palm Dubai collected ‘Middle East’s Leading Resort’. 

The minimal opulence of Armani Hotel Dubai was merited with the award for ‘Middle East’s Leading Lifestyle Hotel’. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi won dual honours, with titles for both ‘Middle East’s Leading Luxury Hotel’ and ‘Middle East’s Leading Business & Conference Hotel’. 

Park Hyatt Dubai was named ‘Middle East’s Leading Corporate Resort’, whilst Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah was heralded ‘Middle East’s Leading Luxury City Resort’.

New arrival on Dubai’s luxury hospitality scene, Address Sky View, picked up ‘Middle East’s Leading New Hotel’.

The results follow a year-long search for the world’s top travel, tourism and hospitality brands. Votes were cast by travel industry professionals and the public, with the nominee gaining the most votes in a category named as the winner.

Graham Cooke, Founder, World Travel Awards, says: “Our winners represent the very best of the Middle East’s travel and tourism sector and my congratulations to each of them. They have all demonstrated remarkable resilience in a year of unprecedented challenges.”


  1. What is the biggest tourist destination in your country?
  2. Is it better to go to popular tourist destinations or lesser known tourist destinations? Why?
  3. Should a government try to improve domestic tourism or try to attract international tourists instead? Why?

"Worth seeing? Yes; but not worth going to see."

Samuel Johnson