Summer Camp Schedule Inquiry

Hello, Teacher!

Are you interested in having more regular students?

We are gladly writing this to notify you of our upcoming Summer Camp project and how it could give you opportunities to have regular students during the summer vacation season.
This period is from the beginning of July [7/4] to the end of August [8/28].
If you can commit a fixed schedule (mornings/afternoons/evenings) on the said time period, you will have more chances to meet new students and have potential regular students as well and the CS team will endorse your profile and schedule to potential students as a priority.
You may open fixed schedules for both weekdays and weekends.
NOTE: For Regular Teachers, you still need to maintain your current fixed slots but you are free to add more slots during this period.
This is a good chance for you to have regulars during the summer vacation season and also a good opportunity to maintain these students even after their summer break (long-term regulars).
If interested, please submit your desired fixed schedule for the summer camp period:

Looking forward to your response.

If you have any inquires regarding summer camp, please contact us via kype



25Hoon English
TS Team