Winter Camp Season

Please submit your fixed slots between Jan.20~Feb.11.2023

If you really have to change it, please contact us immediately.
If there’s no on-going consultation or confirmed students yet, we will gladly help you change your schedule. However, if there are already on-going consultation or confirmed students, we will notify you and you need to consider how to manage your submitted schedule.

Whenever you want to change or close your fixed slots, you have to inform us 8 weeks advance

If you submit fixed slots, we will support your booking rates and recommend you to students

Not only for booking rates also if you have regular students, you will get regular teacher position offer and get better conditions

If you want to open

Also please include your current regular schedule if you have now

Please mark it as
Monday start 5PM – end 7PM
Monday start 5PM – end 9PM
Tuesday X
Wednesday start 7PM – end 10PM
Thursday start 6:30PM – end 10PM
Friday start 5PM-end  7PM
Saturday X
Sunday X