Yucatan Continues to Push Toward Tourism Reopening

2020/07/28 20:55

Today's Vocabulary

1.certitude (n) 
the state
of being certain or confident


2.gastronomic (adj)
relating to the preparation and consumption

3. granted (v) 
to give or allow
someone something, usually in an official way

4. protocols (n) 
the system
of rules and acceptable  behaviour used at official ceremonies and occasions


5. benchmark (n) 
a level
of quality that can be used as a standard when comparing other things


6. sophistication ( n) 
the quality of being complicated or made with great skill


Yucatan Continues to Push Toward Tourism Reopening

A hotel opening and an increase in air connectivity are driving the tourism reopening in the Yucatan.These are the two latest developments in the state tourism board’s activation of its three-phase Tourism Recovery Plan, which includes health care, preservation of tourism operations with more than $1.3 million in loans granted to sector workers and market reactivation. During August, Volaris will reactivate its Merida-Monterrey, Merida-Guadalajara and Merida-Tijuana routes, offering 10,000 seats.

“In Yucatan, we are a benchmark in terms of security, biosecurity and sanitary certitude”, said Michelle Fridman Hirsch, secretary of tourism of Yucatan. “We have prepared ourselves with the best protocols to receive visitors when the time to travel is right, giving our visitors a safe and extraordinary experience so that they can enjoy this destination full of natural, cultural and gastronomic attractions, where thousands of years of history comes together with modernity.”

The destination also welcomed a new hotel property, the Wayam Mundo Imperial, located in Yucatan’s historical capital city, Merida. The property opened July 23 and features 52 suites, a swimming lane and a rooftop bar, among other state-of-the-art services, along with high-tech sophistication, impressive urban design and sustainable innovation.

The property is in the process of obtaining LEED certification.

Travelers can take advantage of a 50 percent discount promotion on reservations made before August 31, 2020, for stays through January 2021.


  1. Could you live in another country for the rest of your life?
  2. What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to?
  3. What are some benefits of travelling?

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Ibn Battuta