Winter Camp Season

Please submit your desire fixed slots between Jan.24~Feb.13.2022

If you submit fixed slots, we will support your booking rates and find regulars students who can study during Winter camp season(Jan.24~Feb.13.2022)

Most of them will be remained as your regulars after winter camp season, that’s why this is a great chance to have many regulars

If you really have to change it, please contact us immediately.
If there’s no on-going consultation or confirmed students yet, we will gladly help you change your schedule. However, if there are already on-going consultation or confirmed students, we will notify you and you need to consider how to manage your submitted schedule.

This schedule is only for Jan.24-Feb.13.2022

You have to maintain submitted schedule during this period

If you want to open for Winter season,
Please mark it as
Monday start 5PM – end 7PM
Monday start 5PM – end 7PM
Tuesday start 5PM – end 7PM
Wednesday start 5PM – end 7PM
Thursday start 5PM – end 7PM
Friday start 5PM – end 7PM
Saturday start 5PM – end 7PM
Sunday X