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Ateneo de Manila University


Board Certified Professional Teacher




I have taught both kids and adults for several years. I have always been and always will be, an educator at heart – from playing teacher as a child to turning it into my profession decades later. In university, I volunteered as a tutor to both elementary and high school students (these included kids with special needs, kids from marginalized areas, and high school seniors aspiring to enter top universities here in the Philippines). Immediately after graduating, I taught in the elementary school department of a top university while I studied and finished my Master’s degree in Education. I was also able to author and contribute to school textbooks for a publishing company. Then, wanting to explore teaching adults, I entered corporate training and gained experience teaching and handling employees from different companies and positions (from support, sales, CEOs and many others). My teaching style has always been student-centered. I like to adjust based on what I can see the students need and enjoy. I keep my classes comfortable, interactive and conversational for easy learning. I prefer to guide the students as they share their thoughts and realizations rather than simply feeding them every lesson. I love it when students are having fun and speaking more than I do in class because it means they are learning and I get to enjoy learning from them as well. My goal for each class is not only for the students to practice and understand the lessons, but also for them to gain confidence in themselves and their skills while they have fun in the process. In my free time, I enjoy travelling to different countries not just for the tourist spots but more for their food, culture and wonderful people. I also enjoy reading current events, spending time with family and friends (especially on the beach), watching movies and TV series, reading books and dancing.

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  1. Jason


  2. 王嬿婷

    Kia, she is a good English teacher and patiently to correct the student who makes some mistakes during the English conversation course, so that the student can learn the accurate answer immediately and become more confident to speak English. Thank you, Kia.

  3. 洪瑋卲

    上雅思收穫很多! 推驗

  4. Jaosn

    good English teacher and pretty!

  5. Hummer


  6. 陳昱霖

    She answers the questions kindly and does make me stressful.

  7. 周書瑀


  8. Joy


  9. Andey


  10. Susie

    Kia 老師很棒!

  11. Ella

    KIA老師會幫我打我說的句子打出來 並逐字幫我確認文法跟單字提升 真的很棒! 很認真的老師 這才是我想要的上課方式! 謝謝KIA

  12. 林靖諺


  13. 鄭伊庭


  14. 石家瑋

    Kia老師很好 非常推薦