Teacher Tardiness, Teacher No Show, & Unpaid Classes: Definition and Sample Cases


If the teacher is absent for the first 5 minutes of class, it will be tagged as Teacher Tardiness and the teacher will receive a $1 penalty per class.

In case you are experiencing sudden technical issues that causes you to not be able to attend the class on time or at all, please report to us immediately (via Skype/Text/Call) before the class time or when you are experiencing the issue so the class would not be tagged as Teacher Tardiness.

If you attend the class late, please provide class extension to make-up for the time lost and to complete in full the 25-minute class.


If the teacher does not join the class at all or if they join the class very late (more than 5 minutes) and the student already left the classroom and reported, it will be tagged as a Teacher “No Show.”

In case the teacher is experiencing sudden technical issues or sudden ISP/Power outage, the teacher must report it to us immediately (via Skype/Text/Call) for it to not be tagged as a Teacher “No Show”.


In case the teacher couldn’t conduct a full 25-minute class because of Teacher Tardiness or due to technical issues such as ISP/Power outage:

If the student made a report that their experience was not good due to any valid reason (e.g Teacher’s ISP quality, power outage, microphone and background noise issues, or something else), we will provide a refund to the student and the class will be unpaid.