Please read: Day-off Request Guidelines

Hello, 25Hoon English Teachers!

Just a reminder regarding our Day-off Request policy.

Day-off requests should be submitted on Mondays (at least a week ahead); deadlines would be on Wednesdays (same time as schedule submission).

If the Day-Off requests are late, they will be processed as cancellation requests instead. This is because the CS Team checks next week’s Day-off requests for regular bookings every Wednesday.

For example:
If you need a day-off for 12.9.2022 (Friday), please submit your request via dashboard on 11.28.2022 (Monday) or at the latest, 11.30.22 (Wednesday).
*Kindly inform us on Skype as well so we can check.

In cases wherein you have a sudden affair that requires you to submit a late Day-off request, please submit the request and inform us on Skype. We will check first if it’s a valid reason and will deice if it will be categorized as a Day-off or a Cancellation request.

Please take note of this.

Thank you,
TS Team