Halloween Event Guidelines (10/26-10/31)

Hello, 25Hoon Teachers!
We hope you are all healthy and safe.
It’s Halloween time once again! In line with this, 25Hoon English is launching a Halloween Class Event scheduled this week, from tomorrow (10/26) to next Monday(10/31). This is to motivate students to learn in a more fun and interesting way with you.
Please pick one day with your regular students (between Wednesday 10/26 and next Monday 10/31) wherein you will be conducting a short and simple Halloween-themed Activity in class. Schedules depend on the availability of your students.
For example:
1. Regular Student 1 chose 10/27 at 20:00, then it should be:
20:00-20:10 – a 5-10minute activity for Halloween
20:10-20:25 – Regular class
1. Prepare a Halloween-themes costume/filter/background for your classes during this period.
a. Superhero/Animation costumes!
b. Halloween masks!
c. Hats!
d. Puppets!
e. Anything scary or fun!
2. Make sure to explain well to your student and follow the theme given.
– A day before the scheduled Halloween activity day, please explain to students and tell them to prepare a Halloween-themed costume/decoration/props on the date that you have chosen as well.
You can spend around 5-10mins on this.
The teacher and student will both play this game.
a. Open this link and share-screen with the student: https://www.eslkidsgames.com/halloween-trick-or-treat
b. Decide who will go first. 
c. The student/teacher will simply choose a photo from the game and the teacher will click on it to reveal whether it’s Trick or Treat.
a. if it’s a Trick: the person has to do a simple dare.
*if they do the dare, they will get 1 point. 
b. if it’s Treat: the person will automatically win 1 point.
3. The goal is to get more points than the other person.
Please prepare for this event well. Encourage students to participate well and invite them in a way that they would promote this event as something that they can look forward to. 🙂
– Kindly take screenshots/video of the highlights of the activity in class. 
– We will ask you to send photo/video documentation of the event after.
Furthermore, 25Hoon English will also select Top 5 teachers with the Best Costume/Design and we will reward them a 500php worth gift coupon to express our gratitude for their participation.
We are looking forward to your positive engagement in this event. 
Should you have any questions, feel free to ask us via Skype.
Thank you very much.
TS Team