REMINDER: Do not turn off your webcam while waiting for students

Hello, 25Hoon Teachers!

Just reminding you that while waiting for your students, please always turn on your camera. Whether it may be a possible Student No Show (waiting for 25 minutes), your camera should always be kept on.

This is part of our protocol; you may review it here:

While waiting, you can mute your microphone but never your camera.

This is because even though the student is not in class, it’s still a paid lesson. And, sometimes, students come in late without prior notice and they don’t see the teacher in class and there’s no response for a long time so they feel confused. To avoid this situation, it’s best to remain on standby while your camera is turned on.

NOTE: If your camera is turned off on a Student No Show case, the class will be tagged as unpaid.

Kindly note this for your upcoming classes.

Thank you very much,
TS Team