Learning Center Launch

Learning Center
Log-in Information:
Username: Your email (Same as your email used for the 25Hoon Teacher Dashboard)
Password: Teacher ID (ex : PH0111) PH is capital letter
25Hoon is launching a learning center aimed to equip our teachers with effective and tried-and-tested teaching skills for you to have more students and regulars in the future.
We guarantee that this will help you enhance your teaching skills and learn something new from our resources.
The curriculum is step by step; starting from one course and more courses will be added soon.
Our teachers must take the course in the proper order.
We can surely say that you will learn lots of teaching strategies and methods from our resources.
For the first course, you will be given access to the “1. 【Teaching in the 21st Century】 Skills with Confidence” program.
It’s a $30 paid course and will be deducted from your salary.
However, if you complete watching and studying all the content twice within two weeks starting today (it’s only approximately 2-hours long content only), you won’t have to pay the $30 course fee. Therefore, we ask that you use this time to maximize access to the content, learn from it, and apply it in your classes.
We can assure you that these methods are effective as they have been proven to have worked positively.
Also, it will help you have more stable booking rates and better income.
This is why we request teachers to do self-study and why we provide free learning resources under the condition that you meet the 2-week completion of the e-learning course twice.
NOTE: In the case that you were not able to complete the course within 2 weeks or if you want to extend the period because you want to re-check and review something, feel free to contact us to get support.

If you have any inquires, feel free to contact us
Thank you
25Hoon English
TS Team