English Game

When playing games with students, we recommend the website Bamboozle as it offers free games without ads:

A. Open Bamboozle in a separate tab and choose to share it via Desktop-Sharing during class.

1. From Classroom, click Tools > Desktop Sharing.
2. Choose the Bamboozle game tab.
3. Make sure the audio is also shared and then click Share.

B. Upon clicking, you will see this:

You can Join for Free or create an account, but you can just click on “Games” for faster access.

C. Then, there will be many game choices. You can search specifically to filter which game you need. We searched “Ice Cream” in English language and clicked Search as an example and this showed:

D. For a more specific example, let’s click “Guess the Ice Cream Flavor”:

This will show after clicking the game. You can review the student first by clicking on the items. Upon clicking, the answer will appear like this:

E. If you are ready to play the game, you may now click “Play” > Choose “Bamboozle Play for Free” > Choose “Classic.”

F. Then you are now ready to play the game! 😊

Kindly practice before class so you will be confident and the game will be smooth during your lesson. 👌