What Is the Most Popular Ethnic Food in the US?

2020/07/29 20:58

Today's Vocabulary

1. preference (n)
a feeling of liking or wanting one person or thing more than another person or thing​


2. cuisine (n)
​a style of cooking​

3. ethnic (adj)
relating to a particular race of people

4. global (adj)
involving the entire world

5.culinary (adj)
used in or relating to cooking​

6. adventurous (adj)
not afraid to do new and dangerous or exciting things


7. pandemic (n)
an occurrence in which a disease spreads very quickly and affects a large number of people over a wide area or throughout the world


What Is the Most Popular Ethnic Food in the US?

For years, the United States has been called a melting pot – a place where different individuals or groups of people are mixed together. And the country’s food preferences show that.

Many Americans learn about and enjoy different cultures through food. One study shows that Mexican food is the most popular ethnic food in the largest number of states. It is especially popular on the U.S. West Coast. But Chinese food is the top ethnic food nationwide.

“Both cuisines have a rich history connected to the large immigrant Chinese and Mexican populations in the U.S.” notes Georgie Mihaila. She is with a food-based blog called Chef’s Pencil.

Thai, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese restaurants are also gaining fans across the country. Their popularity is no accident, either.

In 2002, for example, Thailand’s government started training chefs and sending them out to share their cuisine with the world. The aim of the “Global Thai” culinary diplomacy program was to increase the number of Thai restaurants worldwide.

“It’s not just about the food, but also the atmosphere, the culture, about …experiencing something fun and memorable,” Mihaila said.

In general, she added, Americans are making more adventurous food choices.

“Many of them are seeking new experiences, both when dining out and when cooking for themselves,” she said. “I think the pandemic was a great example of that with people trying out more foods that they would cook at home.”

Resource: https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/what-is-the-most-popular-ethnic-food-in-the-u-s

  1. Can you think of any of your country’s cuisine that other countries influenced?
  2. What is your favorite foreign food? How is it different from your country’s cuisine?

“Food is the most primitive form of comfort.”

Sheila Graham

“Good food ends with good talk.”

Geoffrey Neighor