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Unit 02 :
Aquatic Animals



Let’s learn about different kinds of sea animals!

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Part 1

1. bass /bæs/
(n.) 鱸魚
a type of fish found in rivers or the sea

2. clownfish /ˈklaʊn.fɪʃ/
a small fish that is usually red, orange, or yellow with white stripes, and lives in warm or tropical seas

3. cod /kɑːd/

a large sea fish that can be eaten

Cod and chips, please.

4. carp /kɑːrp/
a large fish that lives in lakes and rivers and can be eaten
to complain all the time about matters that are not important

5. eel /iːl/
a long, thin, snake-like fish, some types of which are eaten

jellied eels

6. flying fish  /ˌflaɪ.ɪŋ ˈfɪʃ/
(n.) 飛魚(熱帶魚類,鰭大,能跳出水面)
a tropical fish that can jump above the surface of the water using its very large fins

7. pufferfish /ˈpʌf.ɚ.fɪʃ/
a type of fish, usually found in warm or tropical seas, that can make itself larger by filling its stomach with water or air

Most species of pufferfish are toxic.

8. grouper /ˈɡruː.ɚ/
(n.) 石斑魚

a large fish with a big head and a wide mouth that lives in warm seas

9. flatfish /ˈflæt.fɪʃ/
(n.) 比目魚(如鰈、鰨等)
any thin flat sea fish, such as a plaice or a sole

10. humpback whale /ˌhʌmp.bæk ˈweɪl/
(n.) 座頭鯨
a large whale with long front fins and a hump (= large raised area) on its back instead of a back fin

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Exercise 1

Describe to your tutor what you see in these pictures.

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Part 2

11. stingray /ˈstɪŋ.reɪ/
a large, flat, round fish with a long tail that has poisonous points on it

12. conch /kɑːŋk/
a large spiral shell, or the tropical snail-like sea creature that lives in it

13. lobster /ˈlɑːb.stɚ/
an animal that lives in the sea and has a long body covered with a hard shell, two large claws, and eight legs, or its flesh when used as food

14. oyster /ˈɔɪ.stɚ/
a large flat sea creature that lives in a shell, some types of which can be eaten either cooked or uncooked, and other types of which produce pearls.

15. seashell /ˈsiː.ʃel/
(n.)海貝; 貝殼
the empty shell of a small sea creature, often one found lying on the beach

16. clam /klæm
a type of sea creature with a shell in two parts that can close together tightly, and a soft body that can be eaten

17. cuttlefish /ˈkʌt̬.əl.fɪʃ/
a sea creature with eight arms and two tentacles that has a wide, flat shell inside its body and lives in waters near the coast and near the bottom of the sea

18. squid /skwɪd/
a sea creature with a long body and ten arms situated around the mouth, or this animal eaten as food

19. walrus /ˈwɑːl.rəs/
a mammal that lives in the sea and on beaches in the Arctic. It is similar to a seal but larger, with two tusks and long hairs growing near its mouth.

20. sea lion /ˈsiː ˌlaɪ.ən/

a large seal , found mainly in the Pacific, that has large ears and can move on land

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Exercise 2

Have you ever been in seaside? Walking along the beach and collecting seashells?
What’s the most special and unique seashell you ever have?
Share the story with your tutor!

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Part 3

21. coral /ˈkɔːr.əl/
a substance like rock, formed in the sea by groups of particular types of small animal, often used in jewelry

a coral bracelet/necklace

22. jellyfish /ˈdʒel.i.fɪʃ/
a sea creature with a soft, oval, almost transparent body

23. seahorse /ˈsiː.hɔːrs/
a small fish that swims in a vertical position and has a head like that of a horse

24. sea anemone /ˈsiː əˌnem.ə.ni/
a soft, brightly colored sea creature that looks like a flower and often lives on rocks under the water

25. sea urchin /ˈsiː ˌɝː.tʃɪn/
a small sea creature that lives in water that is not very deep, has a round shell covered with sharp points like needles, and has flesh that can be eaten

26. cormorant /ˈkɔːr.mɚ.ənt/
a large, black sea bird with a long neck and body

27. pelican /ˈpel.ə.kən/
a large bird that catches fish and carries them in the lower part of its large, bag-shaped beak

28. starfish /ˈstɑːr.fɪʃ/
a flat animal that lives in the sea and has five arms that grow from its body in the shape of a star

29. penguin /ˈpeŋ.ɡwɪn/
a black and white bird that cannot fly but uses its small wings to help it swim

30. salmon /ˈsæm.ən/
a medium-sized silver-colored fish that lives in the sea or rivers and swims up rivers to produce its eggs. Its pink flesh is eaten as a food.

salmon fishing

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Exercise 3

Discuss the questions with your tutor.

  1. Have you ever been fishing on the beach?
  2. What do you think about “marine pollution”?