Unit 08 :
Dairy Foods


Let’s learn about  dairy foods!

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Part 1

1. blue cheese /ˌbluː ˈtʃiːz/
(n) a cheese with a strong flavour that has thin blue lines of mould  going through it

What’s that blue cheese on the cheese platter?

2. butter /ˈbʌt̬.ɚ/
a pale yellow solid food containing a lot of fat that is made from cream and is spread on bread or used in cooking

Oh no! We’ve run out of butter!

3. cheese /tʃiːz/
(n) a food made from milk, that can be either firm or soft  and is usually yellow or white in colour 

The best cheeses are really expensive.

4. cottage cheese /ˌkɑː.t̬ɪdʒ ˈtʃiːz/
(n) soft, white cheese made from milk curds (= the solid part of the milk) with some whey (= the liquid part)left in

Would you like some cottage cheese in your sandwich?

5. cream /kriːm/
(n) the thick, yellowish-white liquid that forms on the top of milk

We had fruit salad and fresh cream for dessert.

6. cream cheese/ˌkriːm ˈtʃiːz/
(n (a) soft, white cheese that you spread rather that cut

We could have some crackers and cream cheese.

7. feta ˈFet̬.ə /
(n) a white Greek cheese, usually made from sheep’s or goat’s milk 

 I’m making a Greek spinach pie so I’ll need some feta.

8. gelato/dʒəˈlɑː.t̬oʊ/
(n) the Italian style of ice cream (= a cold, soft, sweet food), made from milk, cream, sugar, and fruit or other flavours mixed together and frozen

I’d never tried gelato before I went to Italy.

9. infant formula /ˈɪn.fənt ˌfɔːr.mjʊ.lə/
(n) a processed baby food made with powdered milk

Is natural mother’s milk better for babies than infant formula?

10. margarine /ˌmɑːr.dʒɚˈriːn/
(n) a food used for cooking and spreading on bread, similar to butter but softer and usually made from vegetable fat

You don’t like margarine more than butter, do you?

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Part 2

11. milk /mɪlk/
(n) the white liquid produced by cows, goats, and sheep and used by humans as a drink or for making butter, cheese, etc.
(v) to get milk from an animal

Do you have milk in your coffee?

We milk our cows every morning and evening.

12. mould /moʊld/
(n) a soft, green or grey growth that develops on old food or on objects that have been left for too long in warm, wet air
(v) to make a soft substance have a particular shape

They must use rectangular moulds to make their hard cheeses.

13. skimmed milk /ˌskɪmd ˈmɪlk/
(n) milk from which the cream has been removed

Skimmed milk has less fat than full cream milk.

14. yoghurt /ˈjoʊ.ɡɚt/
(n) a slightly sour, thick liquid made from milk with bacteria added to it, sometimes eaten plain and sometimes with sugar, fruit, etc.

My kids love those little containers of yoghurt with bits of fruit in them.

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Describe to your tutor about what you see in this picture. What are your favorite dairy products?