travel unit 5

Unit 05 :
Household Appliance 家用電器類


Let’s learn about the different vocabulary of household appliances.

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Part 1

1. air conditioner/ˈer kənˌdɪʃ.ən.ɚ/
(n.) 空調機;空調設備
a machine that keeps the air in a building cool

2. heater  /ˈhiː.t̬ɚ/
(n.) 加熱器,暖氣機,暖爐
a device that produces heat

a gas/electric heater     煤氣爐/電加熱器

3. thermostat  /ˈθɝː.mə.stæt/
a device that keeps a building, engine, etc. within a limited temperature range by automatically switching the supply of heat on and off

a central heating thermostat     集中供暖溫度調節器

4. flat screen   /ˌflæt ˈskriːn/
a computer monitor or a television that is thin and flat

a flat-screen TV     平面電視

5. sewing machine /ˈsoʊ.ɪŋ məˌʃiːn/
a machine that is used for joining together pieces of cloth, with a needle that is operated either by turning a handle or by electricity

6. vacuum cleaner  /ˈvæk.juːm ˌkliː.nɚ/
a machine that cleans floors and other surfaces by sucking up dust and dirt

7. iron /aɪrn/
a piece of equipment for making clothes flat and smooth that has a handle and a flat base and is usually heated with electricity

a steam iron     蒸汽熨斗
a travel iron      旅行用熨斗

8. washing machine/ˈwɑː.ʃɪŋ məˌʃiːn/
a machine for washing clothes, sheets, and other things made of cloth

a front/top-loading washing machine     前開門式/掀蓋式洗衣機

9. dryer /ˈdraɪ.ɚ/
a machine that dries things

a hair dryer     (吹乾頭髮用的)吹風機

10. dishwasher  /ˈdɪʃˌwɑː.ʃɚ/
a machine that washes dirty plates, cups, forks, etc.

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Exercise 1

Choose the correct answer.

a) air conditioner     b) iron     c) flat-screen     d) sewing machine

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Part 2

11.  stove  /stoʊv/
a piece of equipment that burns fuel or uses electricity in order to heat a place

12. oven  /ˈʌv.ən/
the part of a cooker with a door used to bake or roast food

a microwave oven     微波爐

13. refrigerator /rɪˈfrɪdʒ.ə.reɪ.t̬ɚ/
a piece of kitchen equipment that uses electricity to preserve food at a cold temperature

Store fruit juice in the refrigerator.

14. blender  /ˈblen.dɚ/
an electric machine used in the kitchen for breaking down foods or making smooth liquid substances from soft foods and liquids

15. toaster  /ˈtoʊ.stɚ/
an electric device for making toast

16. drill  /drɪl/  
a tool or machine that makes holes

an electric/pneumatic drill      電/風鑽

17. coffee maker  /ˈkɑː.fi ˌmeɪ.kɚ/
a machine that makes coffee

18. kettle  /ˈket̬.əl/
a container for boiling water, that has a lid, handle, and spout and is made from plastic or metal

19. humidifier  /hjuːˈmɪd.ə.faɪ.ɚ/
a machine that makes the air in a room less dry

We bought a humidifier for the office.

20. dehumidifier  /ˌdiː.hjuːˈmɪd.ə.faɪ.ɚ/
a machine that removes water from the air in a room

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Exercise 2

Match the correct meaning to each vocabulary.

1.drill__ 2. humidifier__ 3. toaster__ 4. oven__ 5. coffee maker__
a. a machine that makes the air in a room less dry

an electric device for making toast

c.a machine that makes coffee

d.the part of a cooker with a door used to bake or roast food

e.a tool or machine that makes holes


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Part 3

21. remote control /rɪˌmoʊt kənˈtroʊl/
a piece of equipment that you hold in your hand and use to control a television, DVD player, etc.

22. scale  /skeɪl/
a device for weighing things or people

 kitchen/bathroom scales     廚房用秤/浴室體重計

23. juicer  /ˈdʒuː.sɚ/
a machine for removing juice from fruit or vegetables

24. fan  /fæn/
an electric device with blades that turn quickly, used to move the air around

There was no air conditioning, just a ceiling fan turning slowly.

25. microwave  /ˈmaɪ.kroʊ.weɪv/
an electric oven that uses waves of energy to cook or heat food quickly
to cook something in a microwave

Put the fish in the microwave and it’ll only take five minutes.

26. table lamp  /ˈteɪ.bəl ˌlæmp/
a small electric light that is used on a table

27. electric razor  /ɪˌlek.trɪk ˈreɪ.zɚ/
a device for removing hair, with different types of blades that turn or move backwards and forwards

28. purifier  /ˈpjʊr.ə.faɪ.ɚ/
a machine or a substance that removes harmful substances from something

a water purifier     淨水器
an air purifier        空氣淨化器

29. charger  /ˈtʃɑːr.dʒɚ/
a device that is used to recharge a battery (= fill it with electricity), for example in a mobile phone

30. mixer /ˈmɪk.sɚ/
a machine that mixes substances

an electric (food) mixer     電動(食物)攪拌器

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Exercise 3

Describe to your tutor what you see in this pictures.