Unit 9 :
Amusement park



Learn and have fun in the amusement park!

amusement park mary

Have you ever been to amusement parks, theme parks, or carnivals?

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Repeat these words/ phrases after your teacher.

  • Depend on … 
  • Admission
  • Ruin
  • Plenty
  • Figure out
  • Surf
  • Roller coaster
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Dialogue 1

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



I’ve never been to an amusement park.

Amusement parks are fun!

What is there to do there?

There are lots of games to play, and rides to enjoy.

Is it expensive to go to one?

It depends on how much you spend during the day.

What about admission?

Admission prices depend on the park.

I would like to go to one.

Just make sure you don’t eat before riding the rides!

Why not?

 Just trust me, it will ruin your day.

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Let’s Practice

How many kinds of amusement rides do you know?

 Ferris wheel

Roller coaster

 Pirate ship


Bumper car


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Dialogue 2

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



Alright! Here we go, Disney Land!

There are four theme parks and two water parks here! Maybe we should stay here for more than three days.

Three days will be plenty. Why don’t you figure out what you want to do today?

Of course I want to go on as many water rides as possible. But I also want to learn to surf.

Okay, that sounds like a good plan.

And I also want to go on all of the roller coasters today. And I want to play some carnival games.

Sounds like we’re going to have a very busy day!

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Let’s Practice

Brainstorming with your teacher!

How did you feel when you tried  the amusement park rides?





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Share your ideas with your teacher.

  1. What has been the best amusement park you have ever visited? Why?
  2. Are you afraid of going on scary amusement park rides?