Unit 6 :
Travel Plans



Vacation is approaching.Do you have any  travel plans?

travel unit 6

What is your most memorable vacation or trip? Why?

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Repeat these words/ phrases after your teacher.

  • Vacation
  • Choice
  • Music festival
  • Drop in
  • Looking forward to … 
  • Historical
  • Landmark
  • the Great Wall
  • Palace
  • Panda
  • Attend a conference
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Dialogue 1

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



Have you thought about what you might like to do on vacation?

I have no idea. Do you have any ideas?

If the weather stays nice, I’d like to go to the beach.

That would be a good choice. The weather has been great for the beach!

Why don’t you come with me?

Hey, that would be perfect! What time are you leaving?

I think that Saturday morning around 8:00 would work out well.

Santa Barbara has a music festival on the beach that day. We would have enough time to drop in and see it.

Yes, I knew the festival would be there and was looking forward to going to it.

I am really looking forward to Saturday. Thank you for letting me go with you.

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Let’s Practice

Complete the dialogue by choosing the correct answer.


A:Are you planning on going anywhere for your next vacation?


        a. Yes, I’m planning to go to Hongkong.    

        b. My vacation was great, how about you?


A:It’s a good idea to have a road trip for the next vacation.


        a. My last trip was awful.     b. That sounds awesome! Count me in!

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Dialogue 2

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



Andrew, Where did you go on vacation?

I went to Beijing with my parents.

How was it? Did you have a good time?

It was wonderful. Beijing is a great city with many historical landmarks.

What did you see there?

We saw the Great Wall and other interesting places such as old palaces, as well as pandas. They were really interesting!

I have been to Beijing once to attend a conference, but I didn’t have time to travel around.

Too bad. You could have stayed longer.

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Role Play

Role-play the following situation with your teacher.

  • You have a month vacation, try to plan what would you do.
  • The teacher will be your travel partner
  • Let’s discuss it together! Make your own travel plan.
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Share your ideas with your teacher.

  1. Are you afraid of going abroad alone?
  2. What country do you most want to visit? Why?