Unit 4 : Hotel
Room service 客房服務英文



Learn how to order room service in a hotel.

travel unit 4-1

Have you ever tried asking for a room service?


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Vocabulary 客房服務英文單字

Repeat these words after your teacher.

  • Laundry|洗衣店
  • Housekeeping|家政
  • Immediately|立即地
  • Crispy|酥脆的
  • Alcoholic|酒鬼
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Dialogue 1 客房服務英文對話

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



Hi! Can you send someone to pick up the laundry from my room? It’s number 246.

Sure. Is there anyone in the room?

Yes. My wife is there. Could you send someone right now? We are leaving in 15 minutes.

Alright. I’ll ask the housekeeping staff to pick it up immediately.

Thank you so much!

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Let’s Practice 客房服務英文練習

Complete the dialogue by choosing the correct answer.

a. room number     b. How may I help you?     c. room service

A:Hello, this is the front desk. _________(1)

B:Hello. Can I order coffee from ____(2)?

A:Certainly. May I have your ____(3)?

B:It’s room 715.

A:Thank you, sir. We will bring your coffee in 5 minutes.

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Dialogue 2 客房服務英文對話

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Front door


Hello! I’m calling from room 535. I would like to order some dinner for my room.

Sure. What would you like to have?

Please send 2 crispy garlic noodles.

Alright. Is there anything you’d like to drink?

Do you serve wine in the room?

I’m afraid not. Alcoholic drinks are served only at the hotel bar.

Not a problem. Just send the food, please. How long would that be?

Max 30 minutes.

That’ll be fine. Thank you!

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Role Play 客房服務英文對話

Role-play the following situation with your teacher.

  • You are in a hotel room and you would like to order something.您在旅館房間裡,想點東西。

  • Call the room service and order what you would like to have. 致電客房服務並訂購您想要的東西。

  • Your teacher will act as a receptionist.你的老師將擔任接待員。
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Discussion: 客房服務英文討論

Share your  ideas with your teacher.

  1. What do you think about the hotel foods?你覺得酒店的食物怎麼樣?

  2. Do you ever worry about your belongings when you stay in a hotel?