tourism 12

Unit 12 :
Asking the Front Desk



To familiarize oneself with words and phrases related to front desk.

Are you interested in working  as the front desk?

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Repeat the following words and phrases with your teacher and use them in a sentence.

  • twin bed (n)
  • cardholder (n)
  • served (v)
  • reservation (n)
  • pool (n)
  • gym (n)
  • vacancy (n)
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Dialogue 1

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



Good morning. Welcome to The Grand Woodward Hotel.

Hi, good morning. I’d like to make a reservation for the third weekend in September. Do you have any vacancies?

Yes sir, we have several rooms available for that particular weekend. And what is the exact date of your arrival?

The 24th

How long will you be staying?

 I’ll be staying for two nights.

How many people is the reservation for?

There will be two of us.

And would you like a room with twin beds or a double bed?

 A double bed, please

Great. And would you prefer to have a room with a view of the ocean?

If that type of room is available, I would love to have an ocean view. What’s the rate for the room?

Your room is five hundred and ninety dollars per night. Now what name will the reservation be listed under?

Charles Hannighan.

Could you spell your last name for me, please?

Sure. H-A-N-N-I-G-H-A-N

And is there a phone number where you can be contacted?

Yes, my cell phone number is 555-26386.

Great. Now I’ll need your credit card information to reserve the room for you. What type of card is it?

Visa. The number is 987654321.

And what is the name of the cardholder?

Charles H. Hannighan.

Alright, Mr. Hannighan, your reservation has been made for the twenty-fourth of September for a room with a double bed and view of the ocean. Check-in is at 2 o’clock. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

Great, thank you so much.

My pleasure. We’ll see you in September, Mr. Hannighan. Have a nice day.

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Let’s practice

Answer the following questions.

  1. When will Mr. Hannighan arrive at the hotel?
  2. How many days will he be staying at the hotel?
  3. What type of room did he book?
  4. What time is the check-in at the hotel?
  5. How much is the cost of the room per night?


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Dialogue 2

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



 Good evening, ma’am. How may I help you?

Hi, I’d like a twin room with Wi-Fi.

OK, no problem. All our rooms come with breakfast, too.

Wow, that’s great. Where is breakfast served?

It’s in the dining room on the first floor. It’s served from 7 to 11 am.

Great! Does the room have a minibar in it?

Yes. There’s also a pool and gym you can use. They’re on the second floor.

 Perfect. Thanks for your help!

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Let’s Practice

 Correct the following sentences if there are any mistakes.

  1. The pool and gym are located on the first floor.
  2. Rooms have Wi-Fi.
  3. Dining room is on the second floor.
  4. Breakfast is served from 7pm to 11:30am.
  5. The hotel does not have a mini bar.
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Share your  ideas with your teacher.

  1. How should you greet a new client?
  2. What are the best and worst things about staying in hotels?
  3. Are hotels common in your country? If not, where do people stay when they travel?
  4. Have you ever ordered room service?