Unit 27 :
Getting a Driver's License



To be able to  learn some requirements of having a car.


Is getting a driver’s license easy in your country?  What are the steps in getting it?

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Repeat the following words and phrases with your teacher and use them in a sentence.

  • driver’s manual(phr)
  • traffic laws(phr)
  • with flying colors(phr)
  • vision test(phr)
  • screwed up(phr)
  • parallel parking(phr)
  • walk-in(phr)


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Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



Hey, Henry. You look busy. What’s that you’re reading?

Oh, hi, Jane. I’m studying the driver’s manual so I can finally get my driver’s license. I just hope I can remember all these traffic laws.

I’m sure you’ll pass the tests with flying colors, especially since you can miss a few and still pass. 

 Just don’t forget to bring your glasses with you so you don’t fail the vision test.

Yeah, I know. I think the written test will be okay, but I’m really worried about the road test. I never took driver’s ed and I’m nervous behind the wheel.

My brother failed his test the first time because he forgot to signal a left turn, and then he didn’t yield to a pedestrian. He also screwed up on the parallel parking.

 It sounds like he just got nervous. A busy intersection is always tricky. So when’s your appointment at theDMV?

Next Tuesday. But I might just go in earlier and take the test as a walk-in.

Can’t wait, huh? Well, I’ll let you get back to studying. Good luck!

Thanks. See you around.

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Let’s practice

Below are the beginner skills checklist. What  are the skills that you already have?Can you discuss each.

  • Turns: speed and use of signals
  • Braking smoothly: gradually slowing to a stop
  • Accelerating smoothly: steadily increasing to a safe speed within the posted limit
  • Approaching intersections controlled by stop signs or lights
  • Determining right of way
  • Single-lane and multi-lane roadways (low speeds)
  • Changing lanes and how to merge into traffic safely
  • Maintaining appropriate speed
  • Scanning for and identifying hazards
  • Keeping a safe following distance
  • Sharing the road with cyclists, pedestrians, and school buses
  • Driving in a school zone
  • Reacting to an approaching emergency vehicle
  • Using turning lanes
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Share your  ideas with your teacher. 

  1. At what age can you get a license in your country?
  2. Do you think the age for driving should be raised or lowered?
  3. Do you think driving lessons should be provided by high schools?
  4. Should new drivers have a period of accompanied driving? Or some kind of trial period?