Unit 25 :
Buying Car Insurance



To be able to learn basic auto insurance concepts.

car insurance

Do you think insurance is important?

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Repeat the following words and phrases with your teacher and use them in a sentence.

  •  quote
  • assume
  • liability insurance
  • collision
  • vandalism
  • passengers
  • property damage
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Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



 Hello, Krashit Insurance.

Hi, I wanted to get a quote for car insurance.

Sure, I can help you with that. I assume you want liability insurance, but what other coverage would you like to get?

Umm…I’m not sure. This is my first car.

In that case, let me make a few suggestions. You’ll definitely want collision insurance. It pays to fix your car if you hit another car or run into something.

Okay, sure, I want that.

 You’ll also want comprehensive insurance. It pays for damage to your car.

How’s it different from collision insurance?

Well, it pays for damage to your car that’s not a result of an accident, like in the case of theft, weather damage, or vandalism.

Okay, I want that, too.

You’ll want property damage insurance to pay for damage you cause to someone else’s property.

On top of that, you’ll want uninsured motorist insurance in case the other driver doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance to pay for the damage to your car.

Umm…I guess I’ll take that, too.

And I don’t think you can do without medical payments insurance. It pays for your medical bills and those of your passengers in case of an accident. Should I get you a quote for all of this coverage?

Why don’t you hold off on that? I’m not sure how I’m going to pay for all that and buy gas, too!

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Let’s practice 1

Arrange the jumbled letters to come up with an insurance vocabulary list. Definitions of each word is given as your clue.

1.iaclm- A formal request made by the insurance policyholder to the insurance company for payment or services covered by the insurance policy.

2. veisnehrepmoc- An insurance policy that provides complete protection

3. iskr- Chance or possibility of injury, damage, or loss

4. rancenisu- A financial product (called an insurance contract or policy) that you buy from an insurance company or organization.

5. sols- Death, injury, or damage that is the basis for a claim

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Let’s practice 2

Complete the word/words. Definition of each word/ words is given as your clue.

1. p_li_ _ – A contract of insurance.

2. _nsu_ance a_ _nt – Licensed representative who handles the purchase of insurance between the customer and the insurance company.

3. De_u_tib_e –  the amount you must pay before the insurance company will pay.

4. _over_ _e – The risks covered and amount of money paid for the loss.

5. P_l_ _y_ol_e_ – The person to whom an insurance policy is issued.

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Share your  ideas with your teacher. 

  1. When you buy something, do you usually ask the company for insurance?
  2. What are the advantages of having an insurance?
  3. What kind of insurance do you have?