Unit 18 :
Asking for directions

 Pre- intermediate


To be able to ask for directions.


Do you think asking for directions is much more easier than using mobile app?

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Repeat the following words and phrases with your teacher and use them in a sentence.

  • train (n)
  • bus (n)
  • intersection (n)
  • taxi(n)
  • station(n)
  • subway (n)
  • option(n)
  • cheap(adj)
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Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



 Hello, I’m sorry, but I am late. Can you help me?

Sure, no problem! How may I help you?

When is the next train to Ansonia?

I am not sure, but I think the next one leaves tomorrow at 8 pm.

What?! I can’t wait that long! What time is the next bus?

It should go by in about two hours. It leaves the bus station at about 5.30 pm.

Well, I don’t know. Isn’t there any other option?

You could take a taxi…

What’s faster, the bus or the taxi?

The taxi, of course! All you have to do is to call and ask for a taxi and it will come right away.

You are right, but which is the cheapest one?

The cheapest means of transportation is the subway.

When have you ever seen a subway here in Connecticut?

You’re right. But anyway why don’t you just go walking? It’s only like 25 minutes away from here.

You’re absolutely right. Thanks for your help. 

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Let’s practice 1

Choose the right option.

  1.Bob wants to go to … 

     A) Connecticut

     B) Ansonia 

     C) Bus station

     D) Home 

  2. The train leaves … 

     A) At 5.30 pm

     B) In 25 minutes

     C) At 8 pm

     D) Right away

  3.The fastest means of transportation is … 

     A) Train

     B) Bus

     C) Taxi 

     D) Subway 

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Let’s practice 2

Answer the questions. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.


 1.In Mark’s opinion which means of transportation is the cheapest? 


 2. How long will it take for Bob to walk?


 3. Will Bob go by taxi or walk? 


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Share your  ideas with your teacher. Choose ONE of the topics below then express your opinion on topic.

1) Do you have a bicycle/roller skates/ segway?

2) When did you get it?

3) Is it difficult to ride it? Why?

4) How often do you ride it?

5) Why do you like it?

6) How do you get to school?

7) Do you often use public transportation?

8) How much is the bus fare?

9) Do you think it is safe to travel by bus?