Speaking Mock Test


This unit will cover tasks 7-11 of the 11 tasks in the TOEIC Speaking Test.


Questions 7–9:
Respond to questions using the information provided

Directions: In this part of the test, you will answer three questions based on the information provided. You will have 45 seconds to read the information before the questions begin. 
For each question, begin responding immediately after you hear a beep. 
No additional preparation time is provided. 

You will have 15 seconds to respond to Questions 7 and 8, and 30 seconds to respond to Question 9.

Response time:15 seconds

Question 7:

What is your first event of the day?

Response time:15 seconds

Question 8:

Is lunch included?

Response time:30 seconds

Question 9: 

Could you let me know the events schedule after lunch?


Question 10: Propose a solution

Directions: In this part of the test, you will be presented with a problem and asked to propose a solution. 

Preparation time: 30 seconds
Response time: 60 seconds

Respond as if you work at the shop.
In your response, be sure to

  • show that you recognize the problem, and
  • propose a way of dealing with the problem.


Hello, Jeff. This is Mary Harton in Sales. Since you are the Plant Manager, i’d like your ideas on how to solve this problem. A group of international clients will visit our auto factory tomorrow. However, the problem is the person in charge of giving the tour is on a business trip. I am in great need of a sub for this. These are three people available to cover his job, and they are willing to take the job. However, I am not sure which one will be good at leading the tour. I hope you can tell me about how to select the right person for this. You can reach me at extension 6817. Again,   this is Mary Harton. Thank you very much.


Question 11: Express an opinion

Directions: In this part of the test, you will give your opinion about a specific topic. Be sure to say as much as you can in the time allowed. 

Preparation time: 15 seconds
Response time: 60 seconds

(Narrator): Describe how kids are different these days from kids in the past when looking at school, study, and social habits. Give specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.


Resource: TOEIC® tests