TOEIC 10-2
Speaking Mock Test


This unit will cover tasks 7-11 of the 11 tasks in the TOEIC Speaking Test.


Questions 7–9:
Respond to questions using the information provided

Directions: In this part of the test, you will answer three questions based on the information provided. You will have 45 seconds to read the information before the questions begin. 
For each question, begin responding immediately after you hear a beep. 
No additional preparation time is provided. 

You will have 15 seconds to respond to Questions 7 and 8, and 30 seconds to respond to Question 9.

Response time:15 seconds

Question 7:

What is the cost of attendance?

Response time:15 seconds

Question 8:

Can you please tell me when the seminars start and finish?

Response time:30 seconds

Question 9: 

I may be somewhat late in the morning. Can you please tell me about the morning seminars?


Question 10: Propose a solution

Directions: In this part of the test, you will be presented with a problem and asked to propose a solution. 

Preparation time: 30 seconds
Response time: 60 seconds

Respond as if you work at the shop.
In your response, be sure to

  • show that you recognize the problem, and
  • propose a way of dealing with the problem.


Hello, this is Dan Connor. I’m calling about my new credit card. Ah, actually, the problem is that I haven’t received it yet. My old card expires this week and I would like to get my new card . . . I actually sent a letter to your office last month but I didn’t receive a reply. Anyway, this card is very important for me because I use it for my business d . . . In fact, I use a credit card from your company almost every day. I’ve been using your company for several years now and have always been very happy with the service d . . .I hope that I can continue using your services in the future. Could you please call me back at work? I’ll be out of my office this morning because of a business meeting but I would like to know how to get my new card as quickly as possible. This is Dan Connor. My office number is 555-4321. Thank you.


Question 11: Express an opinion

Directions: In this part of the test, you will give your opinion about a specific topic. Be sure to say as much as you can in the time allowed. 

Preparation time: 15 seconds
Response time: 60 seconds


Some people argue that environmental issues such as global warming and climate change are caused by human action. What is your opinion about environmental issues like climate change and global warming? Please provide reasons for your opinion.


Resource: TOEIC® tests