In Vietnam, Machine Provides Free Rice to People During Coronavirus

2020/08/19 16:37

Today's Vocabulary

1. hurt (v)
to cause harm or difficulty


2. sponsors (n)
a person or company that supports a person, organization, or activity by giving money, encouragement, or other help

3. assured (adj)
showing skill and confidence

4. refer (v) 
pass a matter to (another body, typically one with more authority or expertise) for a decision

5. operates (v) 
to (cause to) work,  be in action or have an effect

6. pandemic (adj)
(of a disease) existing in almost all of an area or in almost all of a group of people, animals, or plants

In Vietnam, Machine Provides Free Rice to People During Coronavirus

A Vietnamese businessman has invented a machine that provides free rice for people out of work during the coronavirus crisis.The device operates 24 hours a day, just like a bank money machine, or ATM.

Businessman Hoang Tuan Anh set up his first rice machine in Ho Chi Minh City.

“I refer to this machine as a ‘rice ATM’ because people can withdraw rice from it, assured that there are still good people out there who want to give them a second chance,” Anh said.

Vietnam is under a nationwide stay-at-home order to help stop the spread of COVID-19. During the order, many small businesses have been forced to close. This has left thousands of people unable to work.

The machine releases 1.5 kilograms of rice from a small container to waiting workers. Many of those waiting in line are street sellers. Others earn a living from direct paying jobs like house cleaning.

Many people in the Communist-ruled nation depend on government financial help during such difficult times. Vietnam has also approved economic assistance measures to help some of those hurt by the current situation.

But some workers who earn a living from street businesses – like Nguyen Thi Ly and her family – say they have not received enough support. She told Reuters reporters that her family does not have enough money to pay for housing and other necessary things.

“I read about this rice ATM on the internet. I came to check it out, and couldn’t believe it came out for real,” Ly said. “I really hope the sponsors would keep doing this until the end of the pandemic.”


  1. What kind of idea did the article say the entrepreneur had?
  2. What hours are the ATMs in operation?
  3. What did a woman say she could not believe?

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