Unit 26 :
What are you doing tomorrow?



What are you doing tomorrow?

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Sentence Practice

What’s the difference between these two sentences?

A.They are playing tennis (now).

B.He is playing tennis tomorrow.

A.Please be quiet. I’m working.

B.I’m not working next week.

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I am doing something tomorrow

1. Ariel is going to the dentist on Friday.

2. We’re having a party next weekend.

3. Are you meeting your friends tonight?

4.What are you doing tomorrow night?

5. I’m not going out tonight. I’m staying at home.(Same as “I’m going to do something…”)

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Which situation you CAN or CAN’T use “simple present tense” to express future?


  1. I’m staying at home this evening. (can’t use “I stay…”)
  2. Are you going out tonight? (can’t use “Do yo go…”)
  3. Amy isn’t coming to the party next week. (can’t use “Amy doesn’t come…”)


  1. The plane arrives in New York at 15:40 tomorrow morning.
  2. What time does the movie end tonight?


・Present Continuous Tense (通常描述人)
 1. I’m going to a concert tomorrow.
 2. What time are you leaving?   

・Simple Present Tense (按時間表行事)
 1. The concert starts at 13:00.
2. What time does your plane leave?