Unit 24 :
BE/HAVE/DO in present/past tense



Passive Voice(Affirmative and Negative):is (not) being done / has (not) been done

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be + -ing

be(am/is/are/was/were) + -ing(working/washing…)

Present Continuous Tense

1. Please be quiet. I’m working.

2. It isn’t raining right now.

3. What are you doing at 3:00?

Present Continuous Tense

1. I was working when she arrived.

2. It wasn’t raining, so we didn’t need an umbrella.

3. What were you doing at 3:00?

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be + Past Participle(cleaned/made/eaten...)

be + Past Participle(cleaned/made/eaten…)

Simple Present Tense(Passive)

1. I’m never invited to parties.

2. Butter is made from milk.

3. These offices aren’t cleaned every day.

Simple Past Tense(Passive)

1. The office was cleaned yesterday.

2. These houses were built 50 years ago.

3. How was the window broken.

4. Where were you born?

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have/has + Past Participle

have/has + Past Participle(lost/made/eaten…)

Present Perfect Tense

1. I’ve lived in this town for 10 years.

2. Kelly has never ridden a horse.

3. Alex hasn’t been to South Korea.

4. Where have Tim and Sara gone?

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do/does/did + Verb Root

do/does/did + Verb Root(clean/eat/ride…)

Simple Present Tense(Negative/Interrogative)

1. I like dogs, but I don’t like cats.

2. Mike doesn’t go out very often.

3. What do you usually do on weekends?

4. Does Hawkins live alone?

Simple Past Tense(Negative/Interrogative)

1. I didn’t watch TV last week.

2. It didn’t rain yesterday.

3. What time did Becca and Josh go out?