Unit 19 :
I have done … / I did … 



I have done … / I did … Present Perfect Tense& Simple Past Tense 1

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Grammar Practice

His car is dirty.

He is washing his car.

He has washed his car.(= his car is clean now.)

They are at home.

They are going out.

They have gone out.(= they are not at home now.)

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Grammar Practice

Use to show “the past actions that affect the present”

1. I’ve lost my wallet. (= I can’t find my wallet now.)

2. “Where’s Zoe?” “She’s gone to bed.” (= she is in bed now.)

3. We’ve bought a new car. (= we have a new car now.)

4. It’s Kate’s birthday tomorrow, and I haven’t bought her a present. (= I don’t have a present for her now.)

5. “Iris is away on vacation.” “Oh, where has she gone?” (= where is she now?)

6. Have you met my brother, or should I introduce you?

7. I was a very slow typist in college, but I’ve gotten faster.

You can also use “simple past tense” to express

1. “Where’s your wallet?” “I’ve lost it./ I lost it.”

2. “Is Ben here?” “No, he’s gone home./ He went home.”

3. We’ve bought a new car./ We bought a new car.

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Further Usage

You can only use “Simple past tense” when mention about time

1. I lost my key yesterday. (not “I have lost”)

2. We bought a new car last week. (not “we have bought”)