Unit 16 :
Have you ever …?



Present Perfect Tense 1

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Grammar Focus

* Regular verbs and Irregular verbs:  (Unit 25)

Regular verbs

play → I have played 

 live → I have lived 

 live → I have lived 

Irregular verbs

buy → I bought/I have bought 

have → he had/he has had

have → he had/he has had

see → you saw/you have seen

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Further Usage

When an action began to happen in the past until now, we can use “present perfect tense”

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Further Supplement​

 “Present Perfect Tense” + ever/never

1.“Has Tiffany ever been to Australia?” “Yes, once.”

2.“Have you ever played tennis?” ”Yes, I play a lot.”

3.My sister has never traveled by plane.

4.I’ve never ridden a horse.

5.“Who is that man?” “I don’t know. I’ve never seen him before.”