Unit 15 :
Didi used to live in Taichung.



Past Continuous Tense vs.Simple Past Tense.

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Grammar Focus

Few years ago


“I work in a cafe.”

“I work in a supermarket. I used to work in a cafe.”

Ivy used to work in a cafe, and now he works in a supermarket.

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Let’s compare!

I used to work…

she used to have…

she used to have…

1. When I was a child, I used to like chocolate.

2. I used to read a lot of books, but I don’t read much these days.

3. Jenny has short hair now, but it used to be very long.

4. They used to live on the same street as us, so we used to see them a lot. But we don’t see them very often these days.

5.  Susan used to have a piano, but she sold it a few years ago.

6. When I was child, I didn’t used to like potato.

7. Where did you use to live before you came here?

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Further Supplement

“used to … ” can only use in past tense.

1. I used to play tennis. These days I play baseball. (not “ I use to play baseball”)

2. We usually get up at 8:00. (not “We use to get up …”)