Google Meet update takes the fight to Zoom

2020/08/18 16:11

Today's Vocabulary

1. peril (n)
great danger, or something that is very dangerous

2.spike (n) 
a very high amount, price, or level, usually before a fall

3. sudden (adj)
happening or done quickly and without warning

4. via (prep)
by way of, or by use of

5. leverage (v)
to use something that you already have in order to achieve something new or better

6. prowess (n)
great ability or skill


Google Meet update takes the fight to Zoom

The sudden spike in the usage of video conferencing applications has forced Google Meet to add even more new features to its service.

Google has revealed it has now added four new features to its video conferencing software, including a tiled gallery view, low-light mode, noise cancellation, and an ability to present via a single chrome tab instead of the entire computer screen.

The addition of a Zoom-esque tiled-layout allows users to see up to 16 participants on the screen at once – although Zoom still offers up to 49 users all at once.

Going forward, Meet will also now be able to leverage Google’s AI prowess to improve video quality in case the lighting is not sufficient. Unlike other platforms, this will be a mobile-first feature, before coming to web users later.

In order to combat the peril of background noise, Google Meet is also now able to filter out the noise of keystrokes or dogs barking outside. This feature will be first made available to G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers  followed by mobile users at a later date.

Additionally, meeting presenters will now have an option to just present a single chrome tab rather than sharing their entire computer screen during a meeting. This feature will be helpful for presenters who want to share a high-quality video, which had often been an unpredictable experience.


  1. What did Google say it would introduce more of?
  2. How many participants can fit on one screen with Zoom?
  3. What kind of background noise will be blocked out in the future?

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