Unit 2 :
Making a dinner reservation



Learn how to make a restaurant reservation.

foodandculture 2-2

Do you like western food? Japanese? Thai? Italian? why?

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Repeat these words/ phrases after your teacher.

  • Choice
  • Perhaps
  • Look forward to … 
  • Non-smoking
  • Section
  • Guarantee
  • Preference
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Dialogue 1

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



This is Panda Restaurant.

Hello, I need to make a dinner reservation.

Can you tell me what night you will be coming?

We will be coming to your restaurant on Friday night.

What time will you be dining with us?

Our first choice would be 6:00, or perhaps 6:30.

How many guests will be in your party?


Alright. 6 o’clock on Friday we will have a table for you. And may I have your name, please?

Great! Our last name is Lee.

Thank you, Mr. Lee, see you this Friday at 6:00.

I look forward to having dinner at your restaurant. Thank you for your help.

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Let’s Practice

Choose the correct answer.

A:Welcome! How many are you  in your party?


a. I don’t want to join the party   

b. There are four people.

2._____ a cup of coffee, please?

a. Can I have      

b. one

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Dialogue 2

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



Thank you for calling Sakura Restaurant. How may I help you?

I’d like to make a reservation.

And the name on the reservation?

Abraham. A-B-R-A-H-A-M.

And a phone number where we can reach you?

004-730-857. And can we have a table by the window in a non-smoking section? I want to be away from the kitchen, if possible.

Our restaurant is all non-smoking. We can’t guarantee a window table, but I’ll note your preference.

Okay, that’s fine.

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Role Play

Role-play the following situation with your teacher.

  • You’re calling for making a reservation.
  • Your teacher will act as a clerk.
  • Try to use long sentences.
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Share your ideas  with your teacher

  1. Have you ever worked in a restaurant? If so, what kind of restaurant? How long did you work there? Did you enjoy your job?
  2. Do you ever give a tip in a restaurant? How much?