Unit 11 :
Different types of tea



Learn the varieties of tea.

restaurant unit 11 (3)

Is drinking tea better than drinking coffee?

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Repeat these words after your teacher and use it to construct sentences.

  • types( n)
  • diabetic (n)
  • English breakfast (n)
  • strong (adj)
  • Green tea (n)
  • pot (n)
  • tray (n)
  • tea bag (n)


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Dialogue 1

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



Hi there, would you like some coffee or tea?

Tea sounds good. What types do you have?

We have different types of black tea like English Breakfast.

Oh, that’s a bit strong. Do you have any green tea?

Yes. We also have jasmine tea and fruit tea.

Great. Can I get a cup of jasmine tea?

Sure. But, we don’t have any loose leaf. Is a tea bag ok?

That’s fine. Thanks.

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Let’s Practice

Role-play dialogue 1 with your teacher.

A:Hi. Would you like some coffee or tea?

B:Hello! I would like _____.

A:What type of tea do you like?

B:Can I get a cup of ________________.

A:Your cup of tea will be serve in 10 minute.

B:That’s fine Thanks.

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Dialogue 2

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



Mother, it’s tea-time.

Yes, son. Tea is almost ready and I’m bringing it in a minute. Charm and Thea has a built-in alarm clock set for tea-time.

Mother, I’ll get the tea table ready in the meantime.

Here you are! Come everybody the tea is ready.

Let me help you put the tray on the table mother.

I’ll make tea for you all. Tea, milk and sugar are in separate pots. Paul, do you take sugar in your tea?

I’m diabetic. No sugar for me, please. I don’t take sugar in my tea.

All of us here except me take two teaspoonful in a cup.

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Let’s Practice

Match the words in column A to their word  meanings in column B.

Column A

  1. diabetic
  2. tray
  3. pots
  4. teaspoonful
  5. tea
  6. clock

Column B

a. an amount a teaspoon can hold

b.a flat object used for carrying food and drinks

c. a usually rounded metal or earthen container

d. a device for measuring and showing time

e. a person who has diabetes

f. a drink made by pouring hot water onto dried and cut leaves


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Share your ideas with your teacher.

1. What are the known health benefits of drinking a cup of tea?

2. What is commonly eaten with tea?

3. When you say tea, what 3 words do you  think of?