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Unit 30 :




Share your thoughts or experiences about the topics.
Be creative and make an interesting conversation with your tutor!

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free to talk 30

Friendship is a beautiful bond between two or more people in this world. For most people it’s a combination of affection, loyalty, love, respect, and trust. How about you?

Share your ideas with your tutor.

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Read these topics with your teacher.

Maintaining Friendship Through Life Changes
1. Have a variety of interests.
The more interests you have, the more opportunity you have to connect with others. If you are an interesting person, your friends will want to know more about you and help support you in your endeavours.

2.Have plenty of friends.
Having only one friend can put a lot of burden on the relationship. You don’t want someone to feel smothered or like you’re a burden.

3.Communicate openly.
Don’t feel like there needs to be a reciprocity. Some people take longer to open up than others. Communicate as openly as you feel comfortable.

4.Listen and share equally.
Being a good friend means being able to read the situation and anticipate what your friend needs even though she may not know herself. This means being attentive and listening without judgement.

5.Be dependable and honest.
Friends will appreciate that they can count on you to hear the truth and that you will be there for them when you say you will.

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Share your ideas with your tutor by answering the questions.

1.Do you prefer to have many friends or just a few that you are close to?

2.Describe your best friend.

3.Why do people need friends? What can happen if a person has no friends?

4.What kind of qualities do you look for in a friend?

5.What is the best way to make new friends? Do you like making new friends?