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Unit 24 :

Family Values



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Family Values

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The term “family values” has become a popular phrase in recent years. These values define what is meaningful to your family—the beliefs and ideas that bind your family together.

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Importance of family values

You have probably heard of family values, but what does that phrase mean? Family values refers to the set of principles that a family functions under. No one is born knowing what their family values are. The values are imparted by the family based upon how they act with each member and others outside of the family.

All families have values. The hard part is knowing which values are the ones that you want to instill into your children. You know you want to raise good children to become good humans as they reach adulthood. The way to do it is to practice what you preach. If you don’t want them to smoke, then you should not be a smoker. It kind of really is that simple. You and your spouse will decide what values are important to you and then your children will have those same values.

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Share your ideas with your tutor by answering the questions.

1.What values did your parents pass on to you?

2.Are there any values that your parents tried to make you follow but you weren’t good at doing?

3.Some people say that poorer societies have stronger values than richer countries. Do you agree?

4.How have values changed in society?

5.How do society’s values hold it together?