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Unit 14 :




Share your thoughts or experiences about the topics.
Be creative and make an interesting conversation with your tutor!

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free to talk 14

Color is a powerful communication tool that can be used to signal action, influence mood, and even influence physiological reactions.

Share your ideas with your tutor.

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Read the article with your teacher. 

The rainbow is a beautiful natural phenomenon; knowing the significance of each of the colors of the rainbow makes it even more beautiful. While Nature or God has created this glorious natural phenomenon; philosophers have given a meaning to its colors.

Every rainbow has seven colors beginning with red and ending with violet or purple. To remember the order of these colors, people use the acronym ROY G. BIV or VIBGYOR which stands for Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet.

Significance of colors of the rainbow in modern philosophy. Let us revisit the seven colors of the rainbow and what each one represents:

Red– This is the first color of the rainbow from top. Red signifies passion, vitality, enthusiasm and security. It is the light with the longest wavelength.

Orange– This light or color is a combination of yellow and red. It is a dynamic color representing creativity, practicality, playfulness as well as equilibrium or control.

Yellow– This is the color of the sunshine itself. It represents clarity of thought, wisdom, orderliness and energy.

Green– This is the middle color of the rainbow and denotes fertility, growth, balance, health and wealth.

Blue– This the fifth color of the rainbow which makes us think of the Unknown. The sky and the wide oceans are in this color and hence it has been associated with Spirituality and Divinity.

Indigo– It is believed that where Blue is calming, Indigo is sedating. Indigo is mystical as it bridges the Gap between Finite and Infinite. Indigo colored gem stones are often used for spiritual attainment, psychic abilities, self awareness and enhancement of Intuition.

Violet– The last color of the rainbow is a mix of red and blue. It is considered the highest element of spirituality. It can ignite one’s imagination and be an inspiration to artists. Dark tones of violet are associated with sorrow. Deeper shades of violet or purple denote high spiritual mastery.


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Share your ideas with your tutor by answering the questions.

1.What is your favorite color? Is color important to you?

2.Does color affect your emotions?

3.Imagine being in a room where everything is dark blue how would you feel? What if the room was red? Black? Yellow? Pink?

4.Do you think that certain colors are only for boys or only for girls?

5.Colorful tattoos are becoming more popular in places like America. Do you think they will become as popular in your country? Why or why not? Would you ever get a tattoo? Why or why not