Unit 10 :
Traffic accident 發生車禍英文



Traffic is related to our daily life. What situations can we encounter?

交通與我們的日常生活息息相關。 我們會遇到什麼情況?

Transportation 10-3

Have you ever been or seen a traffic accident?


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Vocabulary 發生車禍相關英文單單字

Repeat these words/ phrases after your teacher.

  • Run into|碰到
  • Damage|損害
  • Rear bumper|後保險槓
  • Smash|粉碎
  • Insurance|保險
  • Freeway|高速公路
  • Flipped over|翻過來
  • Injury|受傷
  • Be glad to … |很高興……
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Dialogue 1 發生車禍相關英文對話

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



You ran into my car.

That was my fault. I’m sorry.

You messed up my car.

I don’t see any damage

My rear bumper is messed up.

I don’t see anything wrong with it.

It’s smashed in.

That’s not my fault.

The same thing is wrong with your bumper.

I’ll take care of everything. I just need your phone number and insurance.

I need your information too.

Here you go.

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Let’s practice 發生車禍英文練習

Choose the correct answer.


A:Yesterday, my car was hit ___ by bus.

B:OMG! Is everything alright?

a) into     b) away

2.How many parts of the vehicle do you know? 

(e.g. Tire、Wheel disk、Battery、Wiper、Horn、Door Mirror… )

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Dialogue 2 發生車禍英文對話

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



What happened today on the freeway?

You don’t know what happened?

What did happen?

There was a truck on the freeway, and it flipped over.


I wouldn’t lie about something like that.

Were there any injuries?

I heard that a couple of people got hurt.

Are they all right?

The news said they should be fine.

I’m glad to know that everyone made it out okay.

Me too.

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Let’s Practice 發生車禍英文練習

Can you describe these situations? What would happen on the road?

你能描述一下這些情況嗎? 路上會發生什麼?

I got caught in traffic.   

I got held up by traffic.

Transportation 10-3

I had/got a flat tire.

My car tire blew out.

My car tire popped on the road

Transportation 10-4

There is a multiple car accident ahead of me.

There is a pileup on the expressway.

Transportation 10-5
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Share your  ideas with your teacher.

  1. Are traffic accidents a major cause of death in your country? 交通事故是貴國的主要死因嗎?
  2. Do you think talking on cell phones can cause traffic accidents? 你認為打電話會導致交通事故嗎?