Unit 17 :
Natural Calamities



To be aware of the situations in one’s  environment.

Can a person rebuild his or her life after losing everything?

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Use the following words or phrases into sentences

  1. climate change (n)
  2. cyclone (n)
  3. occurring (v)
  4. pollution(n)
  5. extinct(adj)
  6. threat(n)
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Dialogue 1

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



Hello Derek. How are you? Why do you look so worried?

You are right. I am somewhat worried about environment pollution.

Oh, yes! Our environment is in great danger. It is being polluted severely.

The problem of environment pollution has become a major threat for the human beings as well as the animals.

Exactly! But what are you thinking about its impact?

The impact of environmental pollution is serious. It gives rise to ecological imbalance  and brings about natural disasters

Absolutely! Besides, the increase of world temperature is the result of environment pollution. What is your idea about it?

I agree with you. Besides, I think the plants and animals are likely to be extinct on account of increasing temperature.

Besides, the ice is melting and the water level of the sea is the rising because of environmental pollution.

Yes, of course. Besides, due to environmental pollution we are suffering from various kinds of diseases.


The people from all walks of life should come forward to stop polluting the environment. They  should be made aware of its harmful effect.

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Let’s practice

Answer the questions.

1.What are the examples of natural disaster?   

 A. Typhoon, Landslides, Earthquake and Tsunami

 B. Typhoon, Earthquake, Explosion and Tsunami

2.What kills more people worldwide?

A. Famine

B. Altruism

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Dialogue 2

Read the following dialogue with your teacher




Bryan, how are you friend?

 I am fine but I am sorry for being late.

No I would like to talk to you about the frequent cyclones in our country.

Of course. Actually, now they are a most talked about issues.

Do you agree cyclones are frequently occurring in your country?

Right. But , why are they frequent nowadays?

I do think it is mainly for serious climatic change in our country as well as all over the world.

Why is this change occurring?

It is actually for the increasing pollution of our environment, especially in the air.

Who are responsible for this pollution and who are the victims?

We, humans are responsible for this pollution and we ourselves are the main victims of them.

 We are causing destructive deforestation, making huge smoke and fume, emitting too much carbon dioxide, CFC and many other toxic elements in our air  and environment. 

All these are causing this pollution. Consequently, the temperature in our atmosphere is seriously increasing.

So, pollution and temperature are increasing their chief causes. Right?


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Let’s Practice

Answer the questions.

  1. Who are responsible for the pollution in the environment and who are the victims?
  2. Why is climatic change occurring?
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Share your ideas with your teacher.

1. What can be done to prevent natural disasters?

2. What would you do  if you knew an inescapable disaster was about to happen and you only had one day to live?