Unit 25 :
Video Conferencing with a Client




Repeat these word/ phrases after your teacher.

1. on the nose (phr)
exactly right, often an exact amount of money or time 

2. in-store (adj)
happening or existing inside a large shop, or available for customers to use or buy inside a large shop

3. reiterate (v)
to say something again

4. sweet spot (n)
the part of a surface  that gives the most power for the least effort

5. strategic (adj)
helping to achieve a plan

6. profitability (n)
the fact that something produces or is likely to produce a profit

7. likelihood (n)
the chance that something will happen

8. take into account (phr)
to consider or remember something when judging a situation



Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



Well, looks like it’s 10:00 on the nose here, so… hello everyone. I’m Adam as you all know. Glad to have this chance to talk with you all.

Yes, thanks for setting this up Adam. Excited to hear what you’ve been up to.

Great, well I thought we could start by sharing some of our discovery results from the past two weeks… give you a chance to ask some questions, and then we’ve got a few questions for you… Sound good?

For sure. All ears.

Okay, so I’m going to share my screen now… if you can just bear with me for one second here… Everyone sees that okay?

Looking good.

Super. All right, a few initial things here. First, we’ve gone through your existing online set-up and looked at what’s been selling and what hasn’t.

Super. All right, a few initial things here. First, we’ve gone through your existing online set-up and looked at what’s been selling and what hasn’t.

Yeah, just curious about this sixty-sixty rule about upselling you mentioned. I mean, isn’t it more about product matching?

Like, if they’re buying soy cheese, they’ll probably buy soy milk too? You know, rather than it being about price?

Great question. And yes, it is absolutely about product congruency, as we say. When a customer buys a laptop, you offer a laptop case, not a hat. 

So congruency is number one. But then what you’re offering has to be cheaper, and the sweet spot there is about 60% of the price of the first item. 

That’s in terms of profitability and likelihood of purchase.

 I get it now. So both are important.

Precisely. It’s not just one or the other. You have to take both into account. Now, just looking at the chat here, and I see there are a couple of comments that we should probably address…

First off, there’s a question about delivery. It says: “how do we manage increasing orders and still fulfill our delivery promise?” 

So this question is about increasing delivery capacity, right?

Yes. Seems like that would be a huge challenge.

Definitely a challenge. And we really need to be strategic about how we do this. 

Trying this out in just one store at the beginning will help us get a better idea of how that will work…



Answer the following questions to your teacher.


  1. What is the rough outline for the meeting that Adam provides?
  2. Adam asks for his clients’ patience while he deals with what technical matter?
  3. How does Adam know that Fareed has a question?

Let’s practice

Fill in the blanks with words from the box below.

  1. The invoice from our web designer came to $12,000__________.”
  2. I’m happy to chat about your issue, just let me finish up this email and I’ll be ___________.”
  3.  My son is very ill, so please___________________ this month.”
  4. Can I just__________________ what I said yesterday? 
  5. “After struggling with large work teams, we’ve found the ______________ to be five people.”
  6.  “Sure, it’s a great job, but you haven’t really _____________ that you’ll have to travel an hour to and from work.’
  7.  “We need to be_____________ about partnerships. We can’t just take the first company that calls.”
  8. “We would like to increase our order to 10,000 units a month, but do you have the_________ to produce that many?”
  9. “We really love the idea for this app, and we think it’s fun, but we doubt its ______________.”
  10. “Given the economic troubles, I think there’s a strong _______________ that the government will lower interest rates.”

on the nose                  likelihood                       taken into account  

bear with me                       reiterate

sweet spot                  all ears                        profitability

         capacity                     strategic