Unit 20 :
Taking client orders on the phone




Repeat these sentences with your teacher first.

1. wholesalers (n.)
someone who buys and sells goods in large amounts to shops and businesses

2. bringing up (phr.)
to start to talk about a particular subject

3. system (n.)
a set of connected things or devices that operate together

4. ink (n.)
coloured liquid used for writing, printing, and drawing

5. promotion (n.)
activities to advertise something

6. stock up (phr.)
to buy a large quantity of something

7. purchase (n.)
to buy something

8. rush (n.)
to (cause to) go or do something very quickly

9. crucial (adj.)
extremely important or necessary

10. invoice (n.)
a list of things provided or work done together with their cost, for payment at a later time



Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



Good afternoon, Office Supplies Wholesalers. Amy speaking.

Hi Amy, this is Charles from ATI Technology. I’d like to place an order.

Sure. I’m just bringing up your account in our system. Oh, It says here we made a delivery just last week.

Yeah, this is a busy time of year. We’re running low on paper. I need 5 more boxes.

Would you like to buy printer ink, too? We have a 30% off promotion right now.

Yeah, I better stock up just to be safe. Send four packs of those too, please.

Okay, I’ve added those to your purchase. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Ah, one more thing. Can you make it a rush delivery? It’s crucial I receive it before the weekend.

No problem. It’ll arrive in two business days. I’ll send an invoice to your email.

Thanks for your help, Bye.



Read the article with your teacher.

How to take orders by phone

Be polite and gather all the necessary information to place the order. Complete the transaction in a professional manner and promote customer satisfaction.

Identify yourself and your place of business when you answer the phone. Never eat or drink when on the phone and speak clearly and slowly so the customer can understand you. Keep your voice on an even level.

Listen carefully to the customer and write down any pertinent information. Ensure you get all the necessary information to place the order, including the exact item, specifications, size, and any other pertinent information. 

Always repeat the customers’ order back to them for verification. Make sure they are clear on the price for the item ordered to avoid the customer receiving an unpleasant surprise when they receive the bill.

Ask the customers for their phone numbers so you can call them back if you have any questions about the order later. Wait for them to hang up the phone first so they do not hear the noise of the phone hanging up.

Source: Bizfluent, “How to Take Orders by Phone”



Answer the following questions to your teacher.

1.In your line of work, do you have to make many phone calls?

2.Do you prefer to talk on the phone or face-to-face?


Let’s practice

Choose the correct answer.

1. We ____ an order for the furniture six weeks ago.

A. happened
B. placed 
C. worked 
D. bought

2. There’s a 20% off ____ going on. You can’t miss it.

A. purchase
B. system
C. wholesaler
D. promotion

3. We might as well ____ since the price is so good.

A. stock on
B. stock out
C. stock up
D. stock in

4. I’m ordering some office supplies. Is there anything that you’re ____ low ____ ?

on / in / to / placing / running / pulling