Unit 14 :
Office supplies


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Repeat these sentences with your teacher first.

1. supplies (n.)
food and other ordinary goods needed by people every day

2. low on (phr.)
having little relative height; not high or tall

3. packs (n.)
to put something into a bag, box, etc.

4. cases (n.)
a particular situation or example of something

5. go through (phr.)
to be officially accepted or approved

6. piles (n.)
 a lot of something

7. tape (n.)
a long, narrow strip of material that is sometimes sticky on one side

8. staples (n.)
a short, thin piece of wire used to fasten sheets of paper together. 

9. highlighters (n.)
a special pen containing bright ink, used to mark words in a book, magazine, etc.

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Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



Hey Nancy, could you do me a favor and order some more office supplies? We’re low on paper.

Sure. Do you think 3 packs of A4 paper will be enough, or should I order more?

Let’s make that two cases. We do go through a lot of paper.

Ok. Are we low on post-its too ?

No, I think we’re good. We’ve still got piles of them in the supply room.

Is there anything else we need? Maybe some tape?

Oh, sure! Let’s order a few rolls, and two boxes of staples.

Alright. And, should I get a few packs of highlighters too?

Why not? It can’t hurt to have a few.

Okay, sounds good! I’ll order it today.

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Read the article with your teacher.

Save money when buying office supplies in America


As office supplies must be replenished on a regular basis, the expenditures of office supplies should be managed and controlled in case these expenses obliterate the well-structured budget, though they seem minor when compared to that of office furniture and equipment. Buying in bulk, especially if you have the storage space, is always a smart way to go.

Many of the once brick and mortar only office supply chains such as Staples /Office Depot and Office Max now offer the ability to purchase online, and often with free shipping. You can also consider warehouse clubs such as Costco or Sam’s Club for bulk purchases. These bulk retailers also have websites that can be used to order office supplies online.

Set up an account with your supplier. Larger supply companies can provide you with a statement of what you have ordered over the past month or year. Frequently, franchises will offer this type of discount to their franchisees because of the volume. Furthermore, sign up for an office supply retailer’s rewards program. Large retailers offer great benefits to the customers in their loyalty programs.


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Answer the following questions to your teacher.

1.Have you ever been misinformed about something you purchased? If so, what happened? 
2.Do you do a lot of shopping online? Why? Why not?

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Let’s practice

Choose the correct answer.

1. The information ____ consists of a brochure and a map.

A. set
B. case
C. package
D. pack

2. “We’re low on highlighters.”

The highlighted part means ________.

A. full of|
B. going out
C. lacking
D. enough of

3. He had a ____ of books on his desk.

A. roll
B. pile
C. piece
D. group

4. I ____ ____ a hundred dollars ____ office supplies.

through / ran / of / off / out / went