Unit 13 :
Describing your role


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Repeat these sentences with your teacher first.

1. colleagues (n.)
one of a group of people who work together

2. in charge of (phr.)
responsible for something or someone

3. department (n.)
a part of an organization such as a school, business, or government that deals with a particular area of study or work

4. takes care of (phr.)
to deal with something

5. activities (n.)
the situation in which a lot of things are happening or people are moving around

6. role (n.)
the position or purpose that someone or something has in a situation, organization, society, or relationship

7. responsible for (phr.)
 to have control and authority over something or someone and the duty of taking care of it, him, or her

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Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



Welcome to the team, Elliot. I’m Vanessa.

A pleasure to meet you, Vanessa.

Have you met any of your new colleagues yet?

No, not yet.

Well, the guy in the blue shirt is James. He’s in charge of the design department.

Got it. How about the lady in the yellow top?

That’s Maggie. She’s the head of marketing, and also takes care of staff activities.

And you work in HR, right? What’s your role?

I’m responsible for new employees, like you! I’ve been with the company for seven years.

Who’s the guy in the old jeans and t-shirt? Is he the cleaner or something?

No, actually he’s the CEO!

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Read the article with your teacher.

Business careers: job titles and descriptions

Careers in business are wide-ranging. Some job titles exist in virtually every aspect of every industry, such as administrative assistant, office manager, branch manager, and operations manager. Others are specific to certain divisions that most, but not all, businesses have, such as accounting or human relations or resources. Other job titles are specific to certain industries, such as finance or insurance.

Here is a list of business job titles:


Budget analyst
Chief financial officer
Tax specialist
Human resources
Compensation analyst
Employee relations specialist

HR coordinator

HR specialist
Information technology (IT) and digital media
Content manager
Digital marketing manager
Mobile developer
Project manager
Software developer
User interface specialist

Source: The Balance Careers, “Business Careers: Options, Job Titles, and Descriptions”

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Answer the following questions to your teacher.

1.Do you usually feel nervous or excited on your first day of work at a new company? Why?

2.Do you feel nervous when you’re being introduced to someone important? 

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Let’s practice

Choose the correct answer.

1. Everyone, let’s welcome Lisa. She is our new _____.

A. colleague
B. cologne
C. college
D. collage

2. The teacher put me in ____ of organizing the project.

A. discharge
B. charge
C. enlarge
D. charger

3. The lady ____ the yellow top is the ____ of marketing, but actually she takes cares of everything, including staff ____.

from / activities / head / tail / in / abilities