Unit 9 :
Getting the driver’s license 考駕照英文



How can we get  driver’s license? Let’s learn and practice!

我們怎樣才能拿到駕照? 讓我們學習和實踐吧!

Transportation 9-1

Do you have a driver’s license? When did you get it?

你有駕照嗎? 你什麼時候拿到的?

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Vocabulary 考駕照英文單字

Repeat these words/ phrases after your teacher.

  • Fill out | 填寫
  • Paperwork | 文書工作
  • Appointment | 預約
  • Wonderful | 精彩的
  • Mess up | 搞亂
  • Parallel | 平行線
  •  license | 駕照


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Dialogue 1 考駕照英文討論

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



How can I get my driver’s license?

Have you taken your driving test yet?

I have yet to take my driving test.

Okay, first I’m going to need you to fill out the paperwork.

When can I take my test?

You’ll have to make an appointment for that.

I would like to make one right now.

How about Friday?

That would be great.

What time would you like to take the test?

If I could do it in the morning, then that would be good.

10 o’clock on Friday morning. See you then.

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Let’s practice 考駕照英文練習

Complete the dialogue by choosing the correct answer.


A:How can I get my driver’s license?


a) Let’s go for a drive!     b) You should take the driving test first.


A:Did you get your driver’s license?

B:No, _____

a) I’m going to take the driving test next week.

b) I don’t want to drive too far.

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Dialogue 2 考駕照英文討論

Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.



Did I do well on my driving test?

You did a wonderful job.

So, I passed?

Yes, you passed.

Did I mess up on anything?

You did mess up on something.

What was that?

Your parallel parking isn’t all that great.

Yes, that’s pretty hard for me.

You just need a little more practice.

I know, but I still get my license, right?

You got it.

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Let’s Practice 考駕照英文練習

Choose the correct answer.


A:Listen! _____

B:I’m so proud of you!

a) I got my driver’s license!     b) I don’t want to have the test.



A:Do I ___ the driving test?

B:Well… I’m sorry to tell you, you didn’t pass it. 

a) clean up      b) mess up

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Discussion: 考駕照英文討論

Share your  ideas with your teacher.

  1. Who taught you to drive? Was it pleasant or unpleasant? 誰教你開車的? 這是愉快的還是不愉快的?
  2. In your country, how can you get the driver’s license? Try to describe and share it with the teacher. 在你的國家,你如何獲得駕駛執照? 嘗試描述並與老師分享。