7 more bodies found in Italy and France after violent storms

2020/10/06 21:23

Today's Vocabulary

1. straddle (v) 
a line, such as a border or river, exists on each side of it or goes across it

2. torrential (adj) 
used to refer to very heavy rain

3. corpses (n)  
a dead body, usually of a person

4. gales (n) 
a very strong wind

5. shepherd (n)
a person whose job is to take care of sheep and move them from one place to another

6. lashed (v)
to hit with a lot of force

7. howling (adj)
(of the wind)blowing hard and making a lot of noise

8. debris (n)  
broken or torn
pieces of something larger

7 more bodies found in Italy and France after violent storms

Torrential rains in the border region swept houses and roads away, killing 9 since Friday. Seven bodies were found in a region straddling the French-Italian border near Nice on Sunday after torrential rains swept houses and roads away, officials in both countries said.

Five of the bodies were discovered in northwestern Italy, including four washed up on the shore between the towns of Ventimiglia and Santo Stefano al Mare, near the French frontier. Some of the corpses might have been swept down the coast from France.

Two more were found in France, including a shepherd found by an Italian search and rescue team. The other body was found in a vehicle that had been swept away by flash-flooding in the village of Saint-Martin-Vésubie, France.

It brings to nine the total number of people found dead after fierce rains and howling gales lashed the border area on Friday. French firefighters said another 21 people were missing, eight of them known to be as a direct result of the storm.

The bad weather caused millions of euros of damage, with several road bridges swept away in Italy, and streets in some towns littered with debris, mud and overturned cars.

In France, almost 1,000 firefighters were drafted into the Alpes-Maritimes region to look for the missing and re-establish communications. More than two dozen primary and secondary schools in the area are closed until further notice, local authorities said.

Up to 50 centimetres of rain fell in less than 10 hours, a volume not seen since records began, French Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Saturday.

Resource: https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/deadly-storm-italy-france-1.5750221

  1. How many types of natural disaster can you name? Which is the worst?
  2. Would you ever volunteer to help after a natural disaster hit? If yes, What would you like to volunteer to do? If no, why not?
  3. Can you think of any country that doesn’t have natural disasters?

“I like storms. Thunder torrential rain, puddles, wet shoes. When the clouds roll in, I get filled with this giddy expectation. Everything is more beautiful in the rain. Don't ask me why. But it’s like this whole other realm of opportunity."

Penelope Douglas