Sharing your goals with 25Hoon

1. What are your goals for 2022 in 25Hoon?

Sample answers

a.I want to have at least 5 regulars students.
b.To have full bookings
c.To have a monthly income of $500 in 25Hoon

*You can share anything that you want to achieve it, we want to know what do you want to achieve in 25Hoon
2. To achive your goals, what are the things that you think you have to enhance?

Sample answers

a.Improvement of teaching skills
b.Equipment upgrade
c.Schedule adjustment

3. What support do you expect from 25Hoon so we can achieve your goals together?

Sample answers

a.I want to have more trial bookings
b.I need more Training Sessions
c.I want to check my previous class recordings

NOTE: It would be best to be as honest and detailed as you can.