University of the Philippines Los Baños





I am Rochelle Gem C. Romero, 23 years old, and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in the University of the Philippines. I was able to finish trainings and seminars on Computer Aided Design, Structural Design, Project Planning, and passed the Professional Regulatory Commission’s licensure examination for civil engineers (Philippines). Currently, I am employed as full time design engineer and a part time Civil Engineering instructor in a private college in Laguna. I also offer tutorial services in mathematics and civil engineering subjects. For almost 2 years of part time teaching, I learned how to be patient with the students and try to explain the subject in a more simple manner that they could easily comprehend.
Aside from teaching and being an engineer, I have also done layouts for company brochures, I am also proficient in Adobe Photoshop and have a background in both Print and Web design. I am passionate about what I do and my supervisors can attest to my professionalism, proven by the positive feedbacks I have garnered Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio). I would like to enumerate some of my qualities that I think would be an aid in reaching the company’s success. First, it is my enthusiasm in this profession as well as my desire in making my own mark. From some point, we all start as a beginner, but as time goes by, we should be making a mark that motivates us to push through harder. I am fond of establishing my own milestones which gives me better confidence in exploring what I can achieve more and what are the things I can do more. Next, I have this strong drive and willingness to learn. Whenever something interests me, I always search over the internet on the HOWs of those things. I am fond of trying and exploring new things on my own, but I see to it that I get an advice from people who are already making their names on that specific field. Also, in my previous jobs, my employers required someone who is competent and is very much attentive to detail. Even only after a year of being employed on my first job, I was already promoted as the lead engineer where I was given the chance to train those newly hired junior engineers.